Join us for a one-night adventure writing workshop with visiting adventure writer Charlotte Austin! No matter what your experience level might be, with a little practice, your snapshots, postcards, tweets, and scribbled notes can be crafted into a unique narrative — and in this one-of-a-kind event, you’ll learn the secrets that outdoor storytellers swear by to turn those creative sparks into polished stories. Whether you’re a climber, skier, hiker, alpinist, surfer, or all-around weekend warrior, your stories are worth polishing, and Charlotte is stoked to help you refine and share your adventures.

This hands-on writing workshop will include exciting prompts, constructive feedback, tips for incorporating writing into expeditions/trips, and a discussion about formatting your stories to keep your reader’s attention. There will be a Q&A session about publishing, how to pitch stories, working in the outdoor industry, etc. If you’re interested in getting sponsored, selling blog posts, or just telling better stories on Instagram, this is the place to bring your burning questions.

No experience is necessary; just bring an open mind, a laptop or pen or pencil and notebook, and your creative sense of curiosity. Whether you’re brand-new to writing, interested in blogging, or want to pursue publication, you’ll leave this workshop one step closer to meeting your goals.

Purchase your tickets and secure your spot in advance.

See you at Alpenglow Sports on March 23rd at 6:30pm