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 Here’s what our members are saying…

An organization like the TCDA is a critical resource for the residents and business community in a diverse and unique town like Tahoe City. It empowers its members with a collective voice and coordinated and focused efforts, and provides them with a broad array of direct and indirect benefits that drive and support their individual and combined success on a year-round and ongoing basis.   Eric T. Brandt, President, Lake Tahoe Visitor Channel/ Destination Media Solutions

What’s the point of having a business in an incredible town like Tahoe City, if you don’t do things to involve and support the community that lives here? The TCDA helps to promote the community events that we organize at Trunk Show and has even encouraged other local businesses to participate as well, namely First Friday’s in Tahoe City! We take full advantage of the advertising discounts that membership includes and see monumental increases in business during an ad campaign.Jaclyn Woznicki, owner/jewelry designer Trunk Show

When I moved home, my task of starting a dance company and create a performing arts scene was a daunting one. I was told about TCDA and it has been integral to meet the movers and shakers that make our little town great. Tahoe City is enjoying a renaissance and we have TCDA to thank as the catalyst for energy, collaboration and change.Christin Hanna, Founding Artistic Director, Lake Tahoe Dance Collective

The Tahoe City Downtown Association really goes the extra mile to help enhance Tahoe City for the better. Oliver Luxury Real Estate appreciates TCDA for all they contribute to Tahoe City — a vibrant community that my family and I are honored to be part of.Michael Oliver, Broker-Owner of Oliver Luxury Real Estate

Fellow business owners: Be a part of the big picture. Not only is your time and money well spent in supporting the business community through the TCDA, it is imperative to promote Tahoe City when and where ever possible. ….The discount advertising is a cost effective way to expose your business.Chris Thibaut, Partner/GM, Jake’s on the Lake

As a new business owner in Tahoe City, the advertising savings from local media outlets was massive… helped Alpenglow have the busiest summer in our 32-year history. When combined with the amazing events they sponsor and the community-inclined tendencies to make Tahoe City the most vibrant town in the country, it’s well worth a small investment. The TCDA helps the community in so many ways that are worth a small investment.Brendan Madigan, Owner, Alpenglow Sports

I value the efforts the Tahoe City Downtown Association puts forth to create a vibrant social and economic community for our residents and visitors. I am both a volunteer and financial supporter.Bill Dietz, Owner/Principal Broker, Tahoe Luxury Properties

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